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5 power questions to help you create a successful website

A website that does not work is the most expensive type of website, yet about 85% of sites don’t work well.

Building an effective presence on the web doesent have to be difficult or expensive. A website is an investment of money for sure, however ‘time’ is the real expense. Get it right from the beginning and you will make more money, Don’t be a ‘headless chicken’ waiting months or years hoping it will kick in at some stage?

A website is a virtual marketing platform living on an imaginary cloud, it doesnʼt really exist, you canʼt kick it when itʼs giving you trouble. Believe me.

But what is real are the people who visit your website. Be kind to them, be useful… donʼt waste their time. They took time out of their day to visit, so be helpful, understanding, give them what they want and do it quickly (this is after all the internet, people might stroll across town, but statistics tell us they sprint around the internet).

Before you set up a website (or need to fix your website)

  • Get out a notepad and set your outcomes, what do you need the website to achieve?
  • What is your message?
  • Why should people buy from you?
  • What can you promise your customers? Quality, innovation, exemplary customer service?
  • What solutions do you bring to the market? Web visitors will ask themselves ‘is this for me?ʼ Is the answer going to be ‘yesʼ?
  • Can you communicate this fast? Statistically you just have less than 2 seconds to impress a homepage visitor before they bounce.
  • Do you have the visuals to support your message delivery?
  • Can you answer all your customers questions on the website? Donʼt assume they will get in touch if they have a question.
  • Will the visitor see and understand the product or service quickly and checkout even quicker?
  • Before you decide on your platform… work out the issues and outcomes.


“Develop a strategy to be heard above the din that is our digital lives.”

Recognise your website is a marketing platform, it is the rock that will anchor all your online efforts. A rock on which you can stand and people can hear you.

Once you have developed a valuable offering for your customers, communicate that you have products that will make your customers lives a little better.

Answer basic questions quickly, why should people buy from you, what promises do you make? Quality, Customer service or innovation?

Develop out a clear message and then develop some beautiful images and video to tell the story so your customers will understand and remember your business.

People absorb visual information thousands of times quicker than text. Do an audit of all the visual content at your disposal and what content you need for a successful website build.

What message or solution will differentiate you from your competition?