Are all Photographers equal

In any profession there are good and unfortunately those that are not so good. So it goes without saying, in any creative field not all are equal.

Are all Photographers equal

It is important to remember there are all types of photographers.

But in this article we are talking about marketing your brand. Your photographer must work in marketing on a regular basis, they should count brands, magazines, advertising agencies, small and large companies in their client list.

Here is something for you to consider, if you want to shine above your competition, those you chose to help you get there should also outshine those around them.

Fortunately photographers have track records.
Is their work published?
Do they have a great portfolio
Does their style suit your objectives?
Do they make a living from photography?
What clients have they worked for?
Do the press show confidence in them?

As a rule I honestly believe only about 10 percent of practitioners in any creative field are exceptional.If you want to outshine your competition you need to search out and surround yourself with these exceptional people.

Price is of course a consideration, but the real value here is progress for your brand?

If not, your investment was in vain. So hire right and achieve your objectives?

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