Effective Digital Marketing

Don't be totally absorbed by Social Media, there are several steps we can help you with for an effective online marketing campaign. We outline them here...

Content Marketing

Branding & Identity

Get out a pen...make a plan!
Ask yourself..why are you doing this, who are your customers, what are their issues, what would would capture their imagination, how can I engage these customers? Where are you going with the business, what would you need to do to engage and capture those potential customers?
Without knowing your customer it is not possible to have a meaningful relationship with them.

Social Media


Search Engine Optimisation is the big one.
It is no good showing up on google when someone searches your name, you need to appear when someone is searching for goods or services similar to your offerings. Get this right and you will see a rise in your annual turnover.
It is no good having a beautiful site if only your friends and colleagues ever see it? Protect your investment.

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Engaging Design

Studies have shown that 'trust' is consistently a deciding factor whether consumers engage with a website. Clean, contemporary professional design has been shown to increase consumer 'trust' dramatically. There is a direct corellation between sales and beautiful clean web design.

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Visual Content

People will always look at your images first, research has shown consumers are most likely to comprehend visuals over text. Content that includes relevant photos, graphics or videos has been proven to be more effective method of converting sales on-line. Great visuals are now the most effective marketing approach.

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Content Marketing

Smart and effective content marketing via Press Rado, TV and and social media will drive traffic to your website. Most media platforms such as newspapers, twitter and facebook are very effective when relevant professional visuals are employed in your content marketing efforts. Beautiful visual content is important marketing collateral.

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