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Are you the best?

Ask yourself some simple questions…Why do people walk through your door, visit your website, what do you have that no-one else has? What do you do better? This is your point of difference, find this, improve it and let people know all about it. 

4 quick ways to selling goods and services

Ever imagined more customers? But struggle with the approach?

Is it that difficult or are we victims of overthinking?

We read a million articles, listen to all the marketing gurus, entertain a million vague stories of success…


Personal brand

One of the most valuable assets in your business is you. A solid personal brand is as good as an injection of cash…


Best Irish Architects

Recently we did some work with an Irish Architectural firm, what we realised very quickly, while Irish architects are cool… Irish architectural portfolio websites are not… we put on the kettle and discovered why…


Choosing a web designer in Ireland

Should be easy right?

Unfortunately websites are marketing platforms so it may take a year or two to see if you picked the right person for the job.

So proceed with care, there is no hurry, make a few calls, have a look online. There is no quick fix, invest with the longterm in mind. Set your outcomes first, list where you intend to be with your online marketing in five years time.


Search Engine SEO for 2018


Is Your website fast enough for Google – page speed is now a ranking factor

Well it was bound to happen. To encourage better mobile website design, Google just announced speed is now a ranking factor for SEO and slow websites are about to get relegated. Here is everything you need to know about page speed.


Squarespace versus wix versus weebly

Never has it been easier to establish a presence on the web. There are services such as Squarespace, Weebly and Wix among others that allow people to build quick solutions online. So is it time to consider a ready made website from Squarespace or one of it’s competitors? (more…)

fashion photographers in Ireland

Get excited about great content for your website, engage with your visitors and they will return again and again… People approach me all the time, inevitably asking about improving their websites. I always offer two bits of advice. First I remind them a great fashion website needs to move product.


September 30, 2017

Irish Fashion Summit 2017

Irish Fashion Summit 2017

The Biennial Irish Fashion Summit takes place once again, this time in the Westbury in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday the 18th of November, 2017. The event is organised by the Council of Irish Fashion Designers (CIFD).



Social Media strategies for small business


Social media is a huge big deal. Billions of people use some form of social network and many of these people use more than one platform.
With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many more, it is easier than ever to connect with your audience. (more…)