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One of the most valuable assets in your business is you. A solid personal brand is as good as an injection of cash…

So why bother with personal branding?

How often have you recommended a tradesman like a great plumber or knowledgeable electrician to a friend or colleague? A solid reputation is a very valuable commodity. While it is important to advertise your services, a far more effective approach is to have other people do it for you.  When someone other than yourself recommends your services, you are far more likely to make a sale.

Contrary to popular belief, personal branding is not just for small one person operations, it is key to the success of even large corporations with thousands of employees, consider Michael O’Leary at Ryanair, Elon Musk at Tesla or Steve Jobs at Apple, the list is long.

Our wallets vote, and those votes are cast for real people.


Make your own ‘luck’…

We all know the phrase, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” This quote, attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca. Or serendipity is defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

So what has this to do with personal branding you ask?

To build a personal brand you need to build a rock solid business reputation. To achieve this, you must focus on issues such as customer research, product development and  customer service. When this preparation meets a business opportunity you have made your own ‘luck’.


Sunny Weather

When your personal brand is attractive, it creates it’s own weather pattern. Potential clients are attracted to sunnier climes, this is marketing that works silently in the background. An attractive personal brand reaches out and quietly inspires other people and in turn interaction with your business.
Newspaper features, public engagement invitations are just some of the benefits of a positive personal brand.



Invites to the party

If you have an attractive personal brand people will automatically reach out to you and engage with you across social media. When is the last time someone sent you a linkedin invitation to connect? Or shared one of your posts? Strong personal brands attract and encourage networking opportunities.



Make New Friends

If you invest time and energy developing your brand, you gain insight and knowledge.  With this, a world of opportunities opens up to you. People with refined brand behind them have more to offer at networking events, for example they have a focussed marketing approach, a direction, a plan. They have valuable knowledge to contribute to any conversation, are held in high esteem and their advice is welcomed.

Those with strong personal brands attract and naturally lead conversations at networking events.



Be Heard

We all would like to introduce new products or services from time to time, right? Well think of Steve Jobs, Michael O’Leary or Elon Musk, when they have announced a new service, people stop and listen. Obviously we don’t all have their star power, but it is an indication of the power of a personal brand. The brighter your star the more likely people will take notice and the benefits can be brought to bear on your expanding business efforts.



Print Money

Many businesses rely solely on their own star power, there are the obvious ones like fashion designers. But stop and think, is it just the glossy creative brands that rely on personal brands. Think of all professions, a plumber banks on his reputation, an architect is lost without word of mouth. Even your local childminder is dependant on their good reputation. A personal brand is money, your personal brand is a currency that enables your business.



The law of attraction

Make new friends, learn new tricks and make more sales…surround yourself with the best circle of people you can find. Winners encourage winners, a strong personal brand attracts like minded people. As your brand reputation grows so does your star power. Perhaps when you left school it was hard to build traction, however as time passes your personal brand grows and with it the momentum toward success. As the wheels begin to gain speed it is easier to build some speed. Use your personal brand to make friends and grow your opportunities.



Developing your personal brand requires you to find your authentic voice. The process of creating one develops who you are — the unique you — the Me, Inc. When you find your voice, and your audiences start to react positively, that builds self-confidence and self-esteem and allows you to find yourself in a meaningful way.
Whether you are trying to build your business, find a job, get noticed by the press, impress vendors, attract influential contacts or simply make new successful friends, a powerful, attractive and visible brand is the key. And it’s also key to building your reputation, credibility and most importantly, being successful in your professional and personal life.
And finally, never forget the golden rule of building a successful personal brand — authenticity rules.