Search Engine SEO for 2018


Is Your website fast enough for Google – page speed is now a ranking factor

Well it was bound to happen. To encourage better mobile website design, Google just announced speed is now a ranking factor for SEO and slow websites are about to get relegated. Here is everything you need to know about page speed.


AMP - Accelerated Mobile pages project

What is AMP?

It is a simple idea to speed up web surfing on phones. This new development encouraged by Google will effect everyone who has a website…

In our office, we would go even further, we believe it is the most important development on the web in 2017.


October 13, 2016

SEO 101

Search Engine optimisation for google


Why Bother?

Get your search engine optimization right… you will increase your chance of success and justify your financial investment. Get it wrong and you are but a ship passing in the night…


March 22, 2016

Five Great SEO Tools

The world has changed…SEO is now crucial to online business … your competition is well established on the web…how do you stick out from the crowd?