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Choosing a web designer in Ireland

Should be easy right?

Unfortunately websites are marketing platforms so it may take a year or two to see if you picked the right person for the job.

So proceed with care, there is no hurry, make a few calls, have a look online. There is no quick fix, invest with the longterm in mind. Set your outcomes first, list where you intend to be with your online marketing in five years time.


Squarespace versus wix versus weebly

Never has it been easier to establish a presence on the web. There are services such as Squarespace, Weebly and Wix among others that allow people to build quick solutions online. So is it time to consider a ready made website from Squarespace or one of it’s competitors? (more…)

fashion photographers in Ireland

Get excited about great content for your website, engage with your visitors and they will return again and again… People approach me all the time, inevitably asking about improving their websites. I always offer two bits of advice. First I remind them a great fashion website needs to move product.


While I am an advocate of WordPress, in recent months I have begun to re-evaluate my views. WordPress is not right for everyone. The platform has grown up, it is big and brawny. It may have started out as a blogging platform, but today it serves out blog posts without breaking a sweat. Having WordPress just for your blog is akin to having Hulk Hogan butter your toast. So ask before you leap… maybe you don’t need a wordpress site?


Building a website has become easier, there are a bunch of free services now that can help you… so is it time to build your own business website? Should you build your own website? ……NO! Don’t even think about it, run as fast as you can away from the idea! Let me appeal to common sense… For the same reasons you should not paint your own house, fix your own car or do your own accounting, leave your website in good hands. Sure, these days with some research you can do all of these things, but just imagine the safety issues you may encounter if you take a wrench to your car….