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Ever imagined more customers? But struggle with the approach?

Is it that difficult or are we victims of overthinking?

We read a million articles, listen to all the marketing gurus, entertain a million vague stories of success…

So how do you gain traction for your product or service? I am going to assume from the outset here that your offering has some relevant value to consumers.


So here is it is…

find some customers, communicate with them, build a relationship and convert them …and then do it all over again.

Stop thinking about it and take action, start with small steps.
Break it into four steps…define your potential customers, communicate with them, build up a relationship and ask them to buy.




Find some wallets 🙂
It goes without saying… find some customers. This takes two minutes.

A customer is defined as someone who is most likely to buy your product, they are not necessarily someone you have previously done business with, rather they are a demographic that would find your product or service relevant to themselves or their family. They can be the people walking on your street or people of a certain age or sex. You just need to get out a piece of paper and focus on a small list of realistic targets. Identify what groups have the most use for and ability to buy your products?

Why should they buy from you?
In business terms luck is is defined as setting goals, being prepared, getting the right information and taking action.


So make some luck

What value does your product have? What makes it unique?

Write one or two sentences describing what problem your product addresses and what differentiates it, what value it brings to your potential customers. This we will call your sales message.
Now if you are building a website or posting to social media you have a message that people will engage your customers.
“A unique cashmere design, a cosy addition to any wardrobe that looks good and will last you many years.”
Illustrate it with photography or video and make sure as many potential customers as possible see it…. in simple words take some action.


Tell a good story

Ok, this is where many of us drop the baton, you are causing a stir, a small murmur is growing, you are getting some enquiries & building some connections.

What do you do here to build some momentum?
There are many things you can do here, try an introductory offer, 10% off your first order or a credit towards your first consultation. Note I am not giving anything away for free. I find social media isn’t very good for selling, however it is great for engagement. Getting in new products? Use social media to let your potential customers know. Build an email list, send out a seasonal reason for your customers to check out your website? Have a customer club where good customers are rewarded. Ask your customers every opportunity is there more you could do for them? There are a million ways to engage your customers and communicate with them regularly in a non invasive way.


See the cash

The gold at the end of the rainbow… sell them something.
Give them a reason to buy.
Here is a novel idea… ask them to buy something? Research has shown that if you ask a customer to buy a product that they have shown interest in they are more likely to actually buy it.

Ooh that is awkward? How would you do this? Try it with a confident sincerity,
Would you be interested in something like this, would you like to try it, there is a 10 day return on all items?
Try this on, see how it looks, would you like to buy this for work?
You have that look in your eye, you want it, would you like to bring it home, we have a straightforward return policy?

Define your potential customers, communicate with them, build up a relationship and encourage them to buy.

one step at a time but please take action. 🙂