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Before you begin, it is important to understand the potential of a website in terms of your overall strategy. 'Website' is an unusual word, it doesn’t really mean much and is often considered as something physical, but that is not accurate, it is quite an elaborate 'rock' on which you will build your business. Marketing is about understanding your clients needs, providing for those needs or 'pain points', communicating your offering, selling and building lasting relationships. If planned correctly your website can help you do all these things and achieve your business objectives, which in most cases is to make you money.

Many People know the road to success, but few actually take the road. So when building a website or outlining any marketing project you need to set your outcomes first, what is it that you are hoping to achieve and then work out all the steps to get there. We help you take that journey… .

  • We listen

    Tell us about your hopes, aspirations and ongoing efforts.

  • Set outcomes

    Why are you building a website? What goals will we set?

  • Technical considerations

    How will we achieve all of these, HTML? Video? E-Commerce? Shopify? WordPress? Booking Portals? Blogs? Publishing?

  • We identify the customer

    A customer is a person who is most likely to buy from you. Who are they? In our experience many of our clients can’t identify where their customers hang out customer and even fewer know what channels to use to speak to them.

  • A Traffic Plan

    A website needs customers, we plan traffic in advance.

  • We identify your brand values?

    These are the values that are aligned with your brand’s overarching mission and vision. What promises do you make to your customers?

  • Point of Difference

    What do you do for your customer? What pain point do you address? How will you change their lives? What makes your offering special? Why should people buy from you and not your competitors?

  • Define your message - with speed in mind.

    What do we need to communicate to your customer? We work on an elevator pitch so you can tell your customer what problems you solve and what value you can offer.

  • We examine and develop your content plan

    With SEO in mind we develop out a content plan, what assets do we need to reach our objectives?
    We plan the structure and content of the website to create a simple and obvious sales channel for customers.

  • Audit your visuals

    There is nothing more important at conveying a message within a short space of time. How can we use design, photography, video or illustration to quickly communicate the offering?

  • Publish

    Put it all together and launch the first draft of the site.

  • Refine

    A website is not a physical thing, it evolves, it is your marketing portal, it is your business.

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