Photograph by: Patrick McHugh

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Visual Marketing: 5 ideas to make your fashion website great may 2014

People approach me all the time, inevitably asking about improving their websites. I always offer two bits of advice. First I remind them a great fashion website needs to move product.

The second and from my perspective most important….your site will only be as good as it’s content. Good content means a good site, great content gets you a great site.

I have jotted down a few ideas for producing some content for your website. It is fashion orientated, but use your imagination, you can take some of this advice for any website really. It can be for a travel site, a lawyers site or for your companies business site.

Get Yourself a Guest Blogger

Do you ever wonder do people like reading your blog, or do they think you are a right tulip? Why don’t you mitigate your stress and in turn attract more visitors. Get someone else to write some of the content!

You have friends right? Better still, you have fashion friends….. get them to write a guest post on your blog. Don’t make suggestions to them, let them use their own imagination, this will add to the diversity of your site.

Do an Interview!

I shoot fashion and I design websites for my fashion industry clients. Most of my clients have celebrity friends. If you have a few such friends, why don’t you do a sixty second interview. Ask them “what is their most favorite fashion purchase”, ask “how old were you when you bought your first fashion item” etc. People buy magazines everyday for these little tidbits… you get the idea.

Shoot a little Video clip

This one is obvious….right? No it isn’t! None of my clients voluntarily produce any video. Start filming right now. Film yourself buying fabric, film your assistants hoisting stuff across town. Video that opening you were invited to…..add some energy to your website. Your business is not as boring as you think.

People will stop and watch a short clip every time.


As a fashion photographer I always cringe when I see bad imagery on a fashion website. You need to study your clients more, in fact go a little further and study people in general. What do folks do when reading a magazine or newspaper? What do they do surfing facebook? People are impatient, they are busy, ….they scan the pictures first. If the picture is interesting they read the caption. If that catches their interest they read the article. It is a no brainer, if your pictures are abysmal, you stand no chance of catching anyones attention. The boat will sail without you. After all that time and energy producing a collection you go and make it all look mediocre on your website……please stop, it is fashion cruelty and simply put – it is self destructive.

Like life, a great website comprises of a collection of small steps. Use a little imagination, next time you stop on a site for a few minutes, ask yourself, what is it about this particular site that caught my attention?

Don’t be knocked over if the answer is …. great content.