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Web Design – Run don’t walk Feb 2015

5 reasons not to build your own website!

Should you build your own website? ……NO!

Don’t even think about it, run as fast as you can away from the idea! Let me appeal to common sense…

“You delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

For the same reasons you should not paint your own house, fix your own car or do your own accounting, leave your website in good hands.

Sure, these days with some research you can do all of these things, but just imagine the safety issues you may encounter if you take a wrench to your car….

And your car is not as fragile as your potential a customer’s perception of your brand.

The first five reasons that come to mind….


Would you wear a dirty ensemble to your product launch? I doubt it! Well, your website is often a person’s first experience of your brand, it represents you and the way you conduct your business. A great site makes you and your business look professional, creative and trustworthy. A website needs to be well conceived, your content should be engaging and the user experience must be flawless. The site needs to sell to your customer at some level. It must give them a reason to return again and again. Any issues at all the visitor may encounter…… (and the list is long) will see them running for the hills.

Meat and Potatoes

Spend your time developing content not code, Google is King and content is Google’s Queen.

I had a client forward me content for their new website. The included only a folder of images, with it they attached a short note….”if there is anything else you need for the site let me know”.

Anything else? well, yes I need the content. I need tons and tons of it? Google won’t rank a bare bones site. Where is your text, your branding, your keyword research and customer profile? Where do your customers live? How much money do they earn? Image descriptions? Blog articles, bio, company info…….products? Who is your competition?

Time waits for no man (or woman)

If you have time to build a website, you should ask yourself do you actually need one? A healthy business takes time and effort, does Vivienne Westwood or Richard Branson spend a month each year working on their website design? No, they are busy growing their business.

Jack of all trades

Experienced web developers have resources in place to cover all the bases. Security, SEO, Online Marketing, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, graphics, networks …the list goes on and on. You might think “ Hey I know wordpress” or Wix, but so do these guys, they use them too, the only difference, they bring a developed skill set to these platforms. They make great sites.

The headless chicken

When you meet a web developer for the first time you will have a few questions. You may then be surprised when you are the one who is “grilled” for an hour. A good web marketing firm will ask you a lot of questions and give you a lot of homework. The developer most of the time wants marketing and branding info you have not even contemplated, let alone gathered. You will leave their office with some direction, you will learn a lot, you will start out right.